7 Khoon Maaf


Arun! Arun!”

Her shouting brought wriggling crowd a halt. The eagerness to leave and after movie chatters magically vanished. The storytelling was spellbinding.

Her tragic marriages were like the colors in a palette. Vishal Bhardwaj masterfully mingled many facets of life together, with a signature touch of black humor. She loved and was hurt; again loved and was hurt; again loved, again was hurt…the missing link between each cycle was a killing. Every time the blood baptized her with a new life; however, the stains on her soul stayed and multiplied. Eventually, she devoured all her faithful servants and finally herself.

The movie had many interesting implications. 7 Khoon Maaf, 7 murders forgiven. Can they be forgiven? Had she got the right to take her husbands’ lives? The cruel and possessive, drug addict, the sex sadist, the betrayer, corrupted officer, the murderous doctor (even if her last “husband” did sacrifice his life for her, she had little to contribute to his death. So count him out), all of them had an arguable reason to be killed. But was she entitled to execute God’s will?

The movie was nothing short of ingenuity. Stunning screenplay and engaging script and acting. Despite a heavy topic, humor was a ingredient traced everywhere. the director had even infused his unique humor and satire to the Bollywood trade mark “Intermission” at one half of the movie,

The sophistication and helplessness in life were thoroughly depicted through the life. A thoughtful and must-watch movie of this year!


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