Lucknow Kabab

Location: Near Sharjah City Center (After Karachi Darbar, make 2nd right turn, 50 meters ahead, a small sign post “Lucknow Kabab”)

Appx. price per head: Negligible

  • Ambiance: 3/10 – typical a pirates den
  • Food: 9/10 – melting delicious
  • Customer Services: 5/10 – bearable
  • Specialty: 9/10 – special kebab
  • Value for Money: 10/10 only next to a free meal
  • Overall: 7/10 Worth to visit
It was an old, deserted like building at the side of a muddy, rocky road. The wane black gate was about to liberate itself finally from the crying hinge after years of maintenance negligence.
Grandeur was clearly not its attraction.
We were sitting at the center of a dimly lighted hall, surrounded by fading white wall and worn furniture. Street light strived hard to shred through the frosted glass; bluish light projects behind a square design on the ceiling, masking the hall with enticing enigma. A plain black and white one page menu was all that they had to offer: a handful varieties of kababs, grilled chicken and sweetened lassi. It couldn’t have taken less time for us to decide what to order.
But don’t be fooled by its humble appearance! Here offers one of the finest kababs in town.
Soon, they brought our food. Lamb kabab were made into different shapes and flavors: paste, round and long.  Potatoes and lentils were served in small metal wok. Steaming hot parathas were complimentary with our order. The meat was melting, the vegetables were melting and even the parathas were melting! Juicy, tender, perfectly seasoned, the food were irresistibly inviting. The taste can surely justify the extra grease on the dishes. We took even lesser time to eat the food than we took to order them. On when the plates were empty, I realized I was so full! At the end, we all had sweetened lassie, a yogurt dessert. It was served in a clay cup which was placed on top of a gold plated, star shape engraved cup. Contrasting to the so far humble, plain presentation, this was astonishingly royal.
Great food is all that I have to say.

5 thoughts on “Lucknow Kabab

    1. If u come from Dubai, go down the Dubai Sharjah main road, pass safer mall, then pass the bridge, then go to service lane, after passing Karachi darbar, take the second right. U shud find the shop near by on the right

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