Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Review

8/10 Solid Clean Fun

A trio who went on a bachelor party trip to Spain because one of them was going to get married. Sound familiar? This is not another Hindi copy of Hollywood hit. There was no he-she club, no intoxication, no abusive language and even the guy did not get married at all! This Hindi movie did a great job renovating the old concept, and on its way, entertained all of us.

The three best friends embarked upon a bachelor trip to Spain to fulfill an old promise that they each would select an adventure sport. So they went on an amazing diving trip: vivid colored fishes swam among the brush painted coral reef; they smashed thousands of tomatoes on La Tomatina festival (which wasn’t planned initially); they jumped off at thousands meters above the ground, embracing a stunning panoramic view of the city; and finally they were running for their life from a horde of angry bulls!

They each possessed a distinguished personality. And they were escaping from something which they buried deep in their heart. Be it water, height or truth they all had to brace themselves to face it. And when they had to face death, even the last pretension were stripped away. They had to be truthful what they really wanted. They planned the trip for fun, it turned out to be a life changing trip.

A lovely movie with truck loads of jokes and memorable dialogues painted a picturesque and spirited Spain.

“Success or failure is in his (god) hand, but it is a man’s duty to try! “

“My name is Imran, but my friends call me Romeo”

Imran was the ultimate factory of ridicule and satire that tear and laughter had to come out together to celebrate the fiesta! The whole movie was light spirited

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara is a clean, fun and thought provoking movie. It has proved that it is absolutely not necessary to have abusive language, explicit visual or dirty jokes to score high in box office. It entertained and cunningly delivered a clear message.


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