Rolling the Football

The ball was transferred from the right wing, I kicked it in front of the gate. The ball went off the goal post by less than an arm’s length. I missed the golden opportunity to score a goal! It would have been the first goal of my life!

40+ was the temperature during day time. Heatwave was scorching the ground and everything on top of it! Walking from the parking to my office, used to be a 5 minutes, pleasant sightseeing with white seagulls and palatial yachts, has turned into an open sauna box. Ever feel the hourglass running so slow inside sauna in those last minutes? On top of that, imagine yourself sitting with office attires…

At night, although the temperature was not that high, the humidity was unrelenting. I know it is surely not the best time to start learning football. But then how many times right things happen at right time in life? Locking an aim and grabbing whatever I get on the way, that is what I do. No harm to lose some calories 🙂

When I formed the team FIREBALL, I was betting largely on my stamina and flexibility. Then after running for 20 minutes during the first practice session, I felt my lung stopped working. And it took me a week to recover from a muscle strain on my thighs. I was never much of a sport person 😦 (Although I love moving around and doing a lot of things, that is a different story). Luckily, there are too many good players in my team; my lameness is not that fatal.

I rarely played much team games. That attitude was attributed to some early school experience, I always had the impression that team mates spent more time blaming each other than really playing the game. I rather enjoy my time on table tennis, swimming and recently long tennis. Now I know how much fun I have missed out playing as a team. The comradeship was a satisfying feeling, especially when we are winning!

We won our first game in this tournament. We need to play another 4 matches to qualify for knockout round. I am really getting excited about this. Nothing stops fireball!


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