Conviction Review

8/10 For Her Unflinching Gaze


When Betty Waters finally passed her law exam, when the DNA evidence was negative, when Kenny went hysterical in the prison knowing that he would be free soon, it was hard to hold tears back. The movie plainly told an extraordinary story. Emotionally engrossing, full of twists, the storyline pushes the audience from one climax to another.

This is a true story of a brother and a sister. Thanks to their heartless mom, they grew up terrorizing their neighborhood. In the court room, it wasn’t hard to convince the jury that the notorious trouble maker had committed the crime, though the 18 years of hardship did little to change Betty’s faith in her brother.

Thereafter, Betty embarked a unreturning mission to free her brother. Her husband left, her sons felt she was so inattentive that they wanted to stay with their dad and she had been so depressed not knowing what to do next. Nevertheless, she was adamant. In order to reopen the case without hiring an expensive lawyer, she was doing a law degree after working in a pub and taking care of her two sons.

“Do you love me so much to ruin your life for me?”

Her sons asked each other casually. That was when it really hit her how much she had sacrificed for her brother. For whatever hardship she endured, for whatever despair she had been through, she never doubted her brother’s innocence nor he would one day be freed from the prison. After 18 years of struggle, she did just that.

Nothing seemed impossible in front of her. The love she had for her brother was not judgmental, unconditional and beautiful that profoundly moved me. That love brings up a soul touching fulfillment and reminds me the meaning of existence.

The movie needed little decoration or big celebrities. Comparing to other big action movies, it was bare and raw, yet astonishing. Betty and Kenny are not perfect, like everyone else. But they are loveable. A undecorated real story always beats the best fabricated ones. It is a movie with courage and inspiration. It is one of the best I have watched of its genre


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