Rock Star 2011 Review

7.5 It didn’t really have a climax


“Bugger off!”

That was the start of the story. More than a legendary story of a rising rock star, it was a story about love, the journey of losing it and finally eternalize it. Imtiaz Ali, the director from my favorite movie Jeb We Met, masterfully orchestrated a magical three hour roller coaster ride.

He was an aspiring artist who seemed unable to find the right path to his dream. His music, at best, was just as mediocre as his personality. He lacked that zest for life. Then he was told that the golden key to his music career were harrowing pain, torturous suffering and a broken heart. In search of a broken heart, he chose her. He got much more than what he bargained for.

She was a beautiful, mesmerizing dancer. She was the center of attraction of all the boys in the college. She was “neat and clean”. But there was a different person screaming inside her. She was also looking for her key to her life. Fate had her found him.

His dauntlessness was absorbing. With the golden wand of A. R. Rahman, every sensation of his passion was eloquently expressed with every vibe of his guitar. All of his pain, his suffering, his broken heart, and his love was there lingering with every tune and drum beat.

Like many great artists, he was immersed in his own world. He was living for her as much as she was living for him. When he started living for her, everything else faded into backdrop; everything became insignificant except her. Money, fame, even his much cherished music career, they all thawed away. They all became meaningless. In his world, there was only Heer. Even when he was on the stage, under all the blinding spotlight and crazily chanting crowd, he only saw her.

Both characters were developed to perfection. They did not mutter a word about love. But the love so intense and unforgettable. When she actually mustered all her strength and got up from her bed and walked to him:

“are you in a hurry?” “can you hold me tight?”


All the memories flashed back. All the “cheap things” they did together. They were so perfect for each other and no one should be so cruel to separate them. They should never let go of each other in the first place! But life always plays trick on us. Until it is lost, seldom was it treasured.

All the good being said, the movie lack an apogee, a kick that would have made me feel “wow, this was a great movie”. I didn’t find any really amazing music as well. A. R. Rahman has made too many other more memorable pieces. Or maybe I have set my expectation too high. I don’t think this is going to be overly popular movie.

The story is deeply inspiring. Whenever someone devote wholeheartedly for something greater than himself, miracle happens. Nothing in life, be it music or life threatening disease, is immune to this miracle. It is not for the fainthearted nor for the less talented. But for those few who do, they leave a unmistakable mark. A mark that inspires many generations to come.


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