To the Moon Review

8/10 A Heart Wrenching Story

Graphics, special effect and entertaining game control  is clearly not the focus in To the Moon. It was hard for me to believe that the game was actually released in 2011! The pixel graphics and MIDI music have long been abandoned since the Dragon Quest days. It is as if the clock was rewound to 20 years back.  Nevertheless, they did a very impressive job at turning back time. The absorbing storytelling and mesmerizing piano had hinged me to finish the story in one shot.

“The ending isn’t so important anymore. They were happy here.”

Two “dream specialists” went to grant the wish of a dying man whose last wish was to go to the moon. But then for some reason, he couldn’t even tell why he wanted to do so. The duo then embarked on an heart wrenching journey to reset the dying man’s memory so that he would “fulfill” his last wish. In order to “reset” the dying man’s memory, the duo needed to retrace his memory from old to young, picking up mementos along the way. The mementos, memorable items, helps leap between different memories.

It is quite a different experience to see a story in this particularly interesting way. The memento linked the whole story line gracefully. As the player uncover the mystery behind one memento, a new one would be looming on the horizon. There was no gap for breathing. Everything was predestined. Those seemingly loose events were connected so perfectly when they are looked backwards. It was such a beautiful love story.

The duo’s efforts reached an dead end that the old man’s memory refuses any alteration. Then another tragedy was uncovered during the old man’s childhood. He mistook his twin brother’s identify ever since his brother was killed. It was also when he had made that memorable promise with River. When Joey and River sat in the park, gazing into the starry sky, they had already exchanged each other’s heart…

Sweet, beautiful, heart breaking, the love and the piano vacillate profoundly. To the Moon is a rare great short game.


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