Ides of March

6.5 – Disheartening


Steven, a young aspiring politician, has got every desirable quality: intelligence, charismas and calmness of a strategist. He is the backbone of a flourishing campaign of a prominent candidate. He imbues with value, integrity and ambition. It is easy to find confidence in his mesmerizing gaze. There seem only great things lie ahead in his life.

Well, not yet.

In the game of politics, except for the charm of a young female interns, it is impossible to predict anything else. It is like a chess game. One has to be smarter, or lie better, than the others in order to win. King is the ultimate prize, everything else is disposable. Steven was the master of the game. He played quite well until he played into others’ game. The campaign took several turns in a couple of days’ time. Compromises made, life taken, heart broken, innocence smeared and the king eventually triumphed.

It is just a series of ruthless calculation. Life, honor, integrity and love didn’t stand a chance. Like the exchanging of units on the chess board, it is indiscriminatingly devouring for both the winner and loser. But life is not a chess board. Loyalty is not a well carved wooden queen piece nor trust a glass rook piece. One needs to have the stomach and heart to be so detached.

“She was trying to make it in a very grown up world, where every mistake is magnified”

The movie can be quite slow and non engaging at the beginning. Then when it hit the climax it hinged me well until the last minute. George Clooney has picked up a very interesting topic to develop. A well directed, convincingly acted movie that should not be missed.


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