9.5 Best Movie


(One of his many tricks to captivate her attention)

The best movie I have watched ever since I can remember! Well, many niggled its originality. I am not really that bothered. Who does not copy? We were taught in school to learn from great authors! It is not surprising that movies, songs, books (even speeches) share a great amount of similarity. Copy is not the most important factor for me to distinguish a good movie from a bad one. Bad movies are predictable while good ones are tour de forces of amusement. The alleged plagiarism did not taint my amazement a bit, much less should it discount the great efforts behind scenes.

This isn’t another torture of brain-dead conversations or dragging scenes. It is a very unique love story between a deaf-mute boy and an autistic girl. Barfi delivered a surprisingly rich and absorbing content that very few succeeded in the past, albeit there isn’t much talking between the characters.

In a picturesque rural town in India, he was the son of a chauffeur driver. Although he couldn’t talk or hear, the disability on the contrary further enchanted his world with energy and adventures. He was never short of ingenious demeanor and gestures to make people around him engaged. There is a unmistakable passion in his life. He fell in love with a beautiful girl who soon fell in love too. The only problem was that the girl was engaged. Their little romance did not go well for either of them.


(Everything fell into pieces as she moved away with the steaming train)


(Ironically, she had her turn to chasing a train later, but only to find an empty carriage)

The second half of the story was Barfi and Jhilmil’s. It was a lighthearted humor imbued with bitter reality. Jhilmil’s father let go of all her servants so it is easier to siphon money from Jhilmil. Heartbroken Barfi fumbled in his own thoughts while his father had a heart attack and frantically trying to get his attention. Frail attempts to kidnap and robbery, heartwarming tricks to entertain Jhilmil are just a few memorable Barfi moments. In a complete silence, Barfi’s destiny started entangling with that of that of Jhilmil’s.


“He was incomplete in many ways but his love was complete”

The acting and screenplay have set a new standard for movies. In my view, this movie cemented Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra to be one of the most acclaimed actors (Ileana also did very well in whatever portion she was allocated). Their interpretations of the differently enabled people were so vivid and memorable that made many normal characters from other movies tasteless in comparison. As I have mentioned earlier, I couldn’t bother less where Mr. Anurag Basu copied from. I think he didn’t even try to hide the alleged plagiarism from today’s Internet savvy generation. He did a marvelous job stitching all the great scenes together (I have never watched City Light or Singin’ in the Rain. I would have missed the dummy fight and sliding door scene had not for Barfi). There are plenty of original screenplays he should be profusely credited.

Bad movies uses huge budget, impressive cast to hide its hollow content; good movies make us laugh or make us sad; excellent ones make us laugh and sad at the same time and immerse us into the emotions of the characters; exceptional ones further make us think. Barfi was one of the exceptional ones. It will take really some time for me to ever forget how Barfi and Jhilmil stood firmly when the lamppost crushed the bottle in front of them.


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