Star Trek: Into the Darkness

7.0 Childhood Inspiration


This is a screenshot from the original series back in 1969 where Spock and James stood by each other on the bridge of Enterprise.

I can’t talk about the new Star Trek without referring back to all the childhood memories. Although all that I can recall were little more than the elf eared Spock and Dish shaped Enterprise from the stories, the ecstasy when I was in front of the TV was memorable! By today’s standard, this TV series looked like a laughable child play: blinking lights, water pistol shaped space gun, Motorola flip phone, toy-gun quality spooky background music were then the manifestation of imagination. But it was Star Trek and Star War (and couple of Japanese manga) that made my childhood full of wonders: robot, laser gun, spaceship, aliens and loads, loads of excitement.

Space: the final frontier.


It is like visiting the hometown after many years – the little tickling to old cherished memories which I thought were long forgotten. Handsomer characters, overall massive technology upgrade, Mass Effect like rifles made the new Star Trek miles away from the old one. If the chemistry between Jame and Spock were the spinal cord of the whole series, that has been artistically preserved. Overall a good watch. Packed with fast action and convincing special effect.

On the other hand, it does not really stand out from other sci-fi movies. Computer graphics have bombarded audience so much that raw CPU power alone can rarely command amazement. The story line is quite guessable. A rebellious yet emphatic hero once made wrong strives to fight off the evil. There is a dearth of novel elements. That might have to do with its nearly 50 years history. The Star Trek universe has been too antique. Even though Director Abrams created an alternative universe to allow some flexibility, the main theme is inevitably confined. Star Trek, like its brother Star War are just too old now.

It a good movie worth watching for. Highly recommend for anyone who has seen the original series. Don’t expect it to be too different from other blockbusters. Stunning computer graphics (becoming less and less so) and predictable stories are a standard yet boring formula. I am dying of imagination starvation! Will Mass Effect come to the rescue?

Live long and prosper – (imagine my Vulcan salute!)


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