So Young (致我们终将逝去的青春) – Review

8.5 Rich story, believable characters

One of the best Chinese films I have seen in recent years. Uncontrollable bursts of laughter, overwhelming doses of sorrow and bittersweet deja vu made the movie a really pleasant watch. Artful screenplay, heartfelt performance and beautiful storyline have firmly cemented Zhao Wei‘s new star director status.

Thanks to equally successful novel of the same name, the adaption was gifted with a rich storyline that surprised me at every turn. Engaging multiple storylines depicted vastly different characters. The friendship, love, heartbroken, escapade, adventure and regret were once our own treasured memories that were long buried away. The cunning dialogues miraculously weaved an equally humorous and gut-wrenching emotional journey.

It is a movie made of your and my memories. The boys and girls vividly reminded me of my own then classmates: innocent, energetic and full of aspiration and hope. Guys waited at the university gates trying to pickup and flirt with fresheners; Couples cycled around the campus drawing envious mumbling; a girl with wavy, long, pearl black hair stirred flirtatious woos; young lovers have been separated because of different universities allocations; a beautiful girl always got her way through her smile; rebellious protagonist audaciously courted a cold guy; strict lecturers sumptuously  made exceptions for cute girls. The movie was dotted with heart warming anecdotes that made I grin.

Youthful, sunny, engaging without any cheap scenes.

The main character Zheng Wei was a lovable character: bold, determined, resilient and unmistakably imbued with a traditional sliver of tender, a character who was resolved in her heart and quick on her tongue. Her story was full, passionate and inspiring.


(The famous “You are crazy!” scene when the guy reacted when she told him she had fallen in love with him)

Life is about stepping out, pick oneself up and step out again. Growing up can be a disheartening experience. But don’t let the extra wisdom, knowledge and fear of humiliation grind your pursuit for love, success and dream. You may or may not succeed, but your life is fuller and with less regrets. 

“Youth is meant to be memories”

Watch the trailer here:


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