The end of an amazing journey

Ending Note

As I was walking back home, the black beetle shaped taxies were getting busier shuffling in new students. The new or returning students off-loaded their luggage, scurried inside the houses before they got wet under the gentle drizzle. In a couple of days, I will also be moving my luggage, albeit the opposite direction.

The past one year has hurried by. Ginkgo and maple trees now gently decorated the avenue with a red, yellow and green leaves to welcome another winter to the campus. Still vividly remembered the excitement when I received the offer from Warwick, the amazement when the huge puffy dog sniffed all passengers when I landed in UK and the silly look of the four-ball snowman I made in front of my house.  I am now sitting with a warm mug of freshly pressed soy milk, greedily indulged in the snippets of the amazing journey, full of vibrancy, excitement and magic.

London Marathon 2013


The 42 kilometre route in the centre of London was packed with cheering music, encouraging slogans, energizing dance, brimming spirits, and at times ice cold water showers. I was doing good timing until 20 miles mark where I pulled my right thigh muscle, the pain was excruciating and what worse was that I felt my whole body was shattering apart as soon as I stopped.

So this is it. The end of the race for me.

But the crowd did not let me. They made me believe that I could still finish the race. It was surreal when I finally crossed the crimson gate marking the finishing line – the awesomeness was beyond any word.

Strictly Come Dance


I was late for class during the first week because I went to collect information about different clubs in the university. I spent the next class deciding whether to go to tennis or ballroom dance. In hindsight, I made one of my best choices ever. I was usually counting days before the next weekly dance class. It wasn’t too wrong to say that the dance class was the motivation for me to stay for another week! The trip to Winter Garden in Blackpool – the sacred land of ballroom dancing – was spellbinding. Dancing on the elegant wooden floor with other hundreds of young dancers under the lavishly decorated hall was a life time experience.

Romeo and Juliet


No, I wasn’t Romeo if you were wondering. I, the prince of cat, was killed by Romeo. So total 4 shows and countless rehearsals, I lost count how many times I was shot dead and bang flatly on the glass door. I visited the campus couple of weeks back, all I remembered were jumping over staff lounge sofa, chasing Mercutio down the staircase and fighting the Montague gang on the corridor. I longed to play in a drama show but missed out during my bachelor. It is like one of my big dream come true. Could not have asked more.



Another year of great food, another year of great cooking and another year of failed baking. It was a festival for my super sensitive taste buds. The two times International Food night and numerous potluck events were gems in between some boring classes.

Thousands of Picture

Yes, pictures, loads and loads of pictures. I won my first photography competition and awarded a trophy (on two different occasions)! I don’t know about quality but I must have easily crossed another two thousand pictures. I learnt more how to manipulate picture style, color setting and detail fixing, and even how to make a DIY waterproof casing (a must have in UK). I enterprete the world through my canon lens.


Do you know that there are giant mosquitoes lurking in the backyard? They are about the size of a ping-pong. No kidding! But luckily they are gentleman like insects that do not bite. They buzz off like a fearsome fighter jet, but they come without loading any ammunition. Do you know in many places the hot and cold water faucets are separated in the bathroom? Over a period of time I learnt how to manually mix the ice cold water with burning hot water on my palms. Don’t ask me why. Even native Britain could only shrug their shoulders when I asked them. It is just a way of life, an ATTITUDE. Don’t simply trust the shortest routes on Google map. Some of the road is only wide enough to let one car pass. Some of them don’t even have street light nor lane reflector. Unless you enjoy the thrill, it is a good idea to avoid the meandering roads at night.

It has reached an end now and I profoundly miss every bit of it. Soon I will embark on the next phase of my journey. They say London is gloomy that the overcasting sky will quickly wane out people’s enthusiasm. Hope 10 years’ heat in Dubai can carry me through it just fine.

It is a new start and so far, it has been GREAT!



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