Sense and Sensibility – Review

5.5 Definitely not for me…


Sense and Sensibility

Late last year, I paid a visit to Mr. Darcy’s house which intrigued me to read Pride and Prejudice. I should have known better to stop right after that. Then I was lost in the gossips of Dashwood sisters.

Jane Austin’s writing is as usual delicate and lingering. It was so easy for her to express even the most inner feeling of human being. Longing, expectation, despair, anguish and shame were vividly depicted under her quills. However, I have to admit sometimes her antique way of writing can be stifling! The labyrinth of names surely didn’t help. As a principle, I didn’t like to read a book half way. I somehow managed to finish the book.

It was all about two young women and how they want to get married. Love appeared too easy and forthcoming when Marianne sprained her ankle. But soon the relationship a couple of pages ago was still sweet and promising, turned to be tortuous: letters unanswered, greeting soured and eventually heart broken. During all this, her sister Elinor appeared to be more sensible and wise. She cared for Marianne and provided her all the necessary support, even at the cost of her own emotional turbulence. As the story unfolds, it turned out that Willoughby was much less than the gentleman he appeared to be and Colonel Brandon was after all, trustworthy. 

The book turned a bit interesting towards the last 50 pages. The story took a turn and what I thought initially were no longer true (or maybe I was too bored to notice any hint placed). After everything sorted out, at the end, there is a happy ending for everyone.

It took a while for the sisters to find their true love. Considering many people may never do, they are quite lucky. Perhaps after all some people are just worth waiting for.


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