Blended Review

8.0 Grow Old With You


Yes, there are scrawling wrinkles, bulging waistlines and all the undeniable sign of the past ten years. As a matter of fact, they are both real parents with 2 children each! But when they shared their kiss on the baseball pitch, it was as if nothing has changed. My mind immediately turned back to moonlit night when he mustered the line:

“I love you very much probably more than anybody could love another person”

The Sandler/Barrymore chemistry worked as naturally as it ever was. I just can’t write this review without paying a homage to First 50 Dates. The story was about a man who fell in love with a girl who couldn’t remember anything older than a day. So for Henry and Lucy, every day was like a first date! Even although they were married at the end, Henry still had to prove his love for her and to win her heart every day. This movie until this day still holds a special place in my memory.

In this new escapade, Hawaiian beach has now been transformed into teeming South African savannah and impish seals have been replaced with running giraffes. And what’s more, Adam acted as a single dad with 3 girls and Barrymore acted as a single mom with 2 boys. Their first date was a disaster: Lauren (Barrymore) spit French onion soup all over and Jim (Sandler) drank her beer when she was away.

Name crossed on the “to date” list.

Luck had it, they ended up on the same blended family get away in Africa, with kids – a daredevil boy who run a the risk of concussion whenever Lauren carried him, a girl whose only girlie feature was her orientation. Soon times spent together bonded them closer and closer in the resort. Safari, Ostrich ride and parachute gliding made them see each other as the missing pieces in their children’s life. Lauren taught her how to impress a guy, Jim showed the boy how to play baseball. When eventually Jim took Lauren out for a romantic dinner, Jim turned away when Lauren moved in for a kiss…

Well, if they kissed what should the director do for another 20 minutes? How can I not mention the charming, barrel chest hotel entertainer? He and his minions always popped in at the right time to sprinkle magic powders on brewing chemistry.

I am really glad that no one is having memory problem this time. I don’t care what other say about this movie, I loved it. If you had watched First 50 Dates, you would love Blended. If you had watched First 50 Dates 10 years back, you will love it even more. It is a classic romantic comedy which stroke just the right sensation. It didn’t have many of the popular Hollywood elements, for a simple reason, they didn’t matter! It is a movie worth to be cherished. Adam admitted his movie are just paid vacations. What’s wrong with that? What can be better than to enjoy your work as vacation?


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