Never Eat Alone – Book Review

8.5 Mandatory Reading for MBAs


If there is a book where all MBAs should read, this must be it:

“Business is a human enterprise, driven and determined by people”.

It is a very practical, insightful guide on social relationships. Keith penned down his tried and proven techniques about how to organically grow personal network and eventually turn it into valuable resources. He approached the myth of networking from strategic, tactic as well as a philosophic perspective.

Does networking really work? And if it does, how does it work? How to make personal branding on Facebook and LinkedIn? What is the secret to great parties? When is the best time to make an impression? How to form long lasting relationships? The book answered them all.

Ferrazzi started the book by sharing his philosophy and ethics towards networking – network can be very useful but being a social junkie isn’t the way to go about it. It is about sharing information and pairing the right people together. To be truly successful needed not the most cunning mind, but rather a genuinely caring mind. And most important of all – one relationship at a time.

“Real networking was about finding ways to make other people more successful.”

Once the mind-set is formed, he gave some advice about how to find one passionate thing to work towards and identify the key people who will facilitate the journey. Ferrazzi went on to outline elaborate ways to strategically integrate networking in achieving personal or career goals. Then he wrote in length about different tactics that helps networking: how to warm a cold call, how to turn gatekeeper your friend, how to do research before meeting new people etc.

“Audacities was often the only thing that separates two equally talented men and their job titles.”

In one chapter, he told the touching stories about his father who, though himself was of a humble upbringing, never shied from making connection for his child to everyone whom he deemed worthy. Ferrazzi took this early teaching to his heart and brought it to a new level. His ever expanding yet delicate network all turned out to be valuable stepping stones that helped him reach that extra miles. He prided himself for creating such a network that brimmed with serendipity. The last chapter of the book dived deep into the philosophic perspective about networking and value. I had my fair shares of missing buttons in my life. And I surely fell in the ego trap numerous times. These are lesson I wish I had learned earlier in my life.

Besides its tremendous practical value, I also found this book deeply motivating. It helped me to deal with rejections, which are more frequent than acceptance. And every positive effect from applying the techniques gives me a massive spirit lifting. The book has helped me a long way to stay focused on my goal and stay resilient towards failures.

Whom you know largely determines how successful you would be. If you believe what I believe, this book will be instrumental in transforming your ideas and sharpen your skills. In a world human interaction seems diminishing as result of ubiquitous and ever powerful computers, personal touch has stood the trial of time and proven to be indispensable.


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