Stockholm – Weekend

7 Inspiring Nobel Museum

Two pleasant surprises at Stockholm: it wasn’t as pricey as other Nordic cities and it wasn’t as cold as what showed on BBC weather. Stockholm was on bright and colorful spirits, more so at autumn as fiery vines climbed the walls and golden leaves filled the foot paths. Besides its beautiful forest and unique architectures, Nobel Museum and Vasa Museum are must visits of the city – marvels of human intelligence and dedication.

Squinting sun from the horizon pierced through buildings and golden leaves, thawing the wintry air. Early risers jogged along the ripple-less, dark blue water with dogs, which came in so many shapes, sizes and colors that made the path look like a carnival of the four legs. Stockholm shares typical Nordic landscape with lush greenery and calm waterlines. Some colorful historical buildings featured with a triangle “head piece” that were decorated with ornaments.



(Nobel Museum located just opposite to these two buildings)

Nobel Museum located near the old town – Gamla Stan, a few hundred meters away from the Royal Palace. It was about one fifth of British museum, yet it wasn’t any less serene and impressive. Artifacts and anecdotes were displayed along with an elaborate electronic journal of the Nobel laureates. One corridor cut across the center of the museum was decorated with “moving pictures” of laureates (like the one in Harry Potter). The life-like, super sharp portraits grinned and nodded at visitors from veiled screens – a bit spine chilling. Alfred Nobel’s Will can be found at the back of the museum and big phrases were printed over the wall:



(wonder if Siri knows the answer)

To the East of Gamla Stan, lies beautiful island of Ostermalm where you can find a big national park, museums and re-constructed residential landscape. I favored the Vasa museum particularly.

It was felt like seeing a blue whale first time in my life. The massive wooden ship was preserved in outstanding condition after nearly 400 years at the bottom of Stockholm water. Limestone carved decorations were still clearly discernible, witnessing the once glorious Viking battle ship:


Because of the season, chestnuts were everywhere on the ground, full and nutella-colored. We were so excited at the discovery and immediately full charged at the trees. My friends and I shook branches, jumped, salvaged through fallen leaves and eventually got 2 bag-full of chestnuts! We were so worried that they would be seized at the customs. But when we eventually roasted them, they tasted bitter! It turned out that they are called horse chestnut and can be poisonous.

We must have made a good clown show in the park.


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