Salzburg – Hallstatt – Vienna

8 Postcard Looking Country Side


Austria offers the most immersing country side road trip experience in Europe. The well build road meanders deep into the rolling green alps and between the mirror-like lakes. Postcard looking cottages planted against spotless green canvass. For a UK resident, Austria is like a greener Scotland with wider roads.



An idyllic beautiful city with a river, hills and a magnificent castle. This is where inspired the legendary Mozart. River Salzach runs north to south, dividing the city into halves. Generous green grass belts run on both sides of the river. If you stand near the river bank and raise your gaze gradually, Salzburg will delight you with a rich, multi-layered city landscape. I managed to scale the Hohensalzburg Fortress to the south. It promises a stunning panoramic view of the entire city.



This world heritage site is a MUST visit. It is about one-hour drive to the east from Salzburg. This picturesque town represents the best of an Austrian town in the Alps. Hallstattt is a fairytale, hillside town engulfed by an emerald green lake. Pebble paved paths and wooden staircases in between high and low houses, happily painted houses interlaced at different altitudes, enchanting aromas radiate from small pots of gardens. It is easy to indulge in the lively rhythm – time moved only with every gentle tap from the lake waves.  I couldn’t visit a nearby view point above a mountain. A train can take you there if you visit during the summer. I was told that it gave a breathtaking aerial view of the town and the valley. Hallstatt is world famous for its delicate beauty but that is just the start. Along my journey from Salzburg to Vienna, there were many similar beautiful lakeside towns which took my breath away. The cool air, tall trees, clean lakes, everything were manicured to the finest details that one can only regret driving too quickly.



The unchallenged culture capital of Europe. Everyone donned on costumes and tries to sell you their discount tickets. The impressive St. Peter Cathedral sits in the center. Shopping districts and a good selection of restaurants conveniently spread out around it. Statues decorated every open spaces around the city, pronouncing the proud culture heritage. Notably, the clinic where Sigmund Freud introduced psychosis has been turned into a museum. It showcases many artefacts of his era.

I made the trip more than a year ago now (I am so bad at clearing my backlog entries☹). But it was such a wonderful trip that I had to write them down. Please forget my foggy memories, but surely whatever I remember were the best parts of the trip. If you wanted a road trip weekend, Austria is one of the best choices!


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