CoCo Review

9.0 Somos Familia (we are family)


It is another unmissable master piece from Pixar. Easily the best animation movie I have seen since a long time. Pixar took me to a spellbinding cheerful journey and struck me into tears at the same time!

The movie is about the Día de Muertos – Day of the Dead in Mexico. It happens on the 2nd of November where families pay their respect to their deceased family members. Miguel was an enthusiastic young boy whose dream was to become a successful singer like the legendary Ernesto. Long time ago, his great grandfather left his wife and children to pursue a musical career. That left his great grandma a great deal of hardship to provide for her family. Although now they have a good family business, all family members are forbidden to engage any musical instrument. The talented Miguel were to be confined making shoes for the rest of his life.

But Miguel knew better his calling in life.

On the Día de Muertos, Miguel accidentally entered the world of the dead. This is far from a conventional grey and dreadful place, rather it is a colorful, lighthearted and musical world. He and his truthful companion Dante (a dog somehow managed to follow him) had taken a rollercoaster journey to find Ernesto from whom Miguel needed a blessing. The story reached a climax when Miguel played Remember Me (lullaby version) to an already aged Coco. The vivid depiction of a wrinkle-crawled face and a shrivelled mouth touched me deeply, or anyone with a fond memory of their grandparents.

I don’t want to give away too much spoiler but I have no doubt even if you read the plot beforehand, it is a film that will still drive any adult and child alike into tears. The movie also had a great number of songs. I put the song “remember me” on single repeat for almost a week! It is a heartwarming story about love, ambition and family. Hope you like it too.


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