Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

8/10 Voldemort won’t be alone

I am not a hard core Harry Potter fan. I was even having great difficulties to pronounce Dumbodone (Dumbledore) and Lord Vendamore (Voldemort), let alone the spellings. I still at times mistook them for one another. But it wasn’t hard for me to get lost in the imagination of J.K. Rolling.

A 7 year legendary journey of a young wizard magnetized millions of fans around the world. The iconic mid night long queue before the release of every book, the stunning success of box office result and whole lot of Harry Potter culture spiraled from the pen of J.K. Rolling. Comparing to the books, I am equally fascinated by the author J. K. Rolling.

She wasn’t at the peak of her life when she wrote the book. She had a flash marriage which left her nothing but an adorable daughter. She was living on state welfare and even contemplated suicide. In her own word, she “was the poorest Britain who had a house”. Although she had jotted down the magical spells from her old typewriter in a cafe, it still took 12 rejection from publishers before the book hit on the shelves. Then a modern Cinderella story was told. This time the crystal shoe was replaced with flying brooms and magical wand. Within 5 years, she has become the twelfth richest women in Britain. The magic didn’t only work in Hogwarts, it cast well on herself as well.

It is vein boiling to experience that magic. In the epic battle of Hogwarts, when Harry finally disarmed Lord Voldemort and the elder wand flipped across the yard into the Harry’s hand, the cinema roared. The ceiling barely contained the brimming excitement, and the clapping and screaming easily defied the Hi-Fi system.

Only I can live forever

Well, in Lord Voldmort’s eternity, he is definitely not going to be alone. The books will be treasured as dearly as any of Micheal Jackson‘s white glove; The Harry, Hermione and Ron will be remembered as preciously as we remembered Poirot and Holmes; J. K. Rolling will be revered like Elvis.

All well said, the movie does require a thorough understanding of the story. There are many jargon and plot simply assumed a high Harry Potter literacy in its audience. If you are as illiterate as me, it is highly advised to go with a knowledgeable friend. It is truly worth to experience one living legend of this century.

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